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the hogwarts grounds are quite extensive, and include the black lake, quidditch pitch, lawns, and of course the forbidden forest.
the dungeons are made of stone. torches are spaced on the walls to light the way. the dungeons is home to the potions classroom and the slytherin common room.
the basement is home to the kitchens which are located just below the great hall, and the hufflepuff common room.
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the ground floor is one of the busiest at school. located in this area are the entrance hall, the great hall, a few classrooms, the caretaker's office, and the hogwarts staff room.
several classrooms are located on this floor including muggle studies, advanced arithmancy and history of magic. the hospital wing can also be found here.
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here you will find moaning myrtle's bathroom which is frequently flooded and home to the entrance to the chamber of secrets.
if you're looking for a quick escape to hogsmeade, you'll find it behind the statue of the humpbacked witch. you will also come across the charms classroom, defense against the dark arts classroom, trophy room, and the forbidden corridor.
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there isn't a lot located here. the library is the main attraction, but there are a few empty classrooms, and a secret passageway out of hogwarts that has been caved in for several years.
there's not much to boast about on the fifth floor. the prefects' bathroom is on this floor and the legendary east wing is where the weasley twins made their swamp.
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this is a floor full of classrooms and offices. not much to see here, just move along.
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those who really need something may find themselves lucky enough to find the room of requirement on this floor.
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there are several towers at hogwarts. they include gryffindor tower, ravenclaw tower, the headmaster's office, the divination classroom in the north tower, the astronomy tower, and the owlery in the west tower.
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this is a great place to get school supplies and meet up with friends before school starts. it's also a great place for adults to get away from work and have a drink or two.
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knockturn alley is a shopping area that can be accessed through diagon alley. it's filled with lots of shops devoted to the dark arts, including borgin and burkes, which specializes in objects that have curious and strong magical properties.
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hogsmeade is one of the few all wizard communities. it is conveniently located near hogwarts and is a popular destination for students on weekends.
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witches and wizards have their own government. most of the big decision making happens right here.
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the order has relocated it's headquarters to a supposedly abandoned cottage only an hours distance from shell cottage. it's a small, inconspicuous space that's filled to the brim with top secret information, very carefully guarded by a number of protection charms. this is also where all the order's meetings are held.
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the death eaters headquarters can be found in what used to be the grand malfoy manor. it's inhabitants moved out a number of years ago, (to one of their summer homes, of course), to make way for the upcoming rebellion. the halls are dank, and you can tell that it's been a long time since the house saw any joyous faces. this is where the death eaters meetings are held.
this is the hospital for witches and wizards.
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this is still the strongest wizard prison, even though the dark lord was able to cause mass outbreaks. everything has been fixed and the prison is back in business.
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everyone needs a place to live.
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this is where we can relax and just have a normal conversation. you will also find the guest friendly questions and comments board, along with the absences board in here.
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forum games has its own board! everyone loves a good game. any member (who has an accepted character) may create/join a game.
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this is the place where old threads are put to rest. you will find anything not active in here, from denied applications, inactive applications, dead threads, and finished threads.
this is where all the advertising should be done. make sure to post in the correct board and follow our rules.

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